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I knew him for the best part of nearly half a century. Once I had imagined publishing a book on some person of repute. I was in England then, and met him on the street. I informed him of my suggestion, back came the reply, there are so many reputed persons at homeland, why to single him out keeping others at bay. At last he agreed to my proposal and allowed me the liberty to shoot at my own sweet will. After a shoot used to be over,he used to comment always that I tend to look very serious so long the camera is on my hand, and he hesitated to tell me something. I shadowed him wherever he went, and I am grateful to him for offering me that opportunity. During one such encounter once he told me "may God help you".
Mother Teresa was then staying at her Creek Lane residence, merely five minutes away from our home. I had seen her then going for herdaily teaching mission at Loreto Convent. She later on left this job and established the “Missionaries of Charity” and completely devoted herself to the service of the downtrodden. She knew me for a long time. We used to throw away the cartridges containing the camera films. She noticed the waste and asked us to hand them over to her instead, which could be put to a better use to keep medicines for individual patients. I accumulated the cartridges from then on from my colleagues and added mine and handed over to her three sacksful a few months later. She was very pleased and said in her inimitable style "God bless you".
The first important personality in my life whom I had the opportunity to photograph was no less than Satyajit Ray, during the time of his shooting of the film “PatherPanchali”. Later, whenever one of my photo had taken his fancy, he used to congratulate me on the phone. It reminds me of one particular photo. He was returning from some foreign shore after being through a surgery- he was in the car at the Dumdum airport after deplaning, placing his hand on the back seat. Mrs. Ray seated at the backseat momentarily touched his hand out of love and sincerity, and I clicked at that instant, freezing the frame. The next day he phoned me saying "This is what is called news photo. Get ahead, wish you good luck".