About me
Considering photography as one of the most integral part of the human race, aloke mitra started his journey way back in the1950s. His immense passion of seeing the world through his lenses and giving it a different texture made him one of the most looked up personalities in the world of photography.

aloke mitra’s journey as a photojournalist began way back in 1950s as a freelance photographer in local newspapers and national dailies and renowned international magazines like Time Magazine, The Guardian, Steren , Die Zeit et al. He was also associated with Agence France Presse ( AFP ). Throughout his career, aloke mitra had been propelled by just one addiction- to capture the perfect frame that told the real story and carried the real message.

It was during this journey of his life that he joined one of the largest dailies of India, and became its Chief Photographer. In 1978 he was the first Asian as Associated to The Royal Photographic Society on 'Visual Journalism' , followed by 'Fellowship' . He was also associated with the Photographic Association of America. Mr. Mitra's photographs in the books named 'BONEDI KOLKATAR GHARBARI' ( The Historical Houses of Kolkata ), and pictorial biography 'RAY' and ' RAVI ' are much appreciated by the readers. His forthcoming pictorial book ‘ MY CITY MY KOLKATA ‘ will reveal every nook and corner of Kolkota for last 50 years.

Honoured and looked up to by every generation, aloke mitra is the recipient of awards in World Press Photo - Holland, Pravda - USSR, Governor’s Medal - West Bengal, India, UNSCO award Press Institute of India, New Delhi etc. Mr Mitra have been closely associated with talismanic personalities like Mother Teresa, Pandit Ravi Shankar, Satyajit Ray as well as people like Indira Gandhi, Dalai Lama, Lady Diana and George Harrison, to name a few.

Being one of the most shining stars in the galaxy of photographers of the current age, aloke mitra is still the same young man behind the lenses who gets excited to capture moments every now and then. To the young and passionate photographers of the present day, aloke mitra is considered to be a milestone and for others, his “clicks” are just a piece of art.